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Aquarium Creations was started in 2000 in Salt Lake City. The owner, Eric Davis, has over 15 years experience designing, building and maintaining beautiful salt and freshwater aquariums.

Aquarium Creations specializes in turning barren and sick aquariums into healthy, vibrant, colorful aquariums of all sizes for both in-home aquatic enthusiasts and businesses.

Serving southern Utah, Utah's Wasatch Front and Wyoming.

"We are dedicated in providing our clients with state-of-the art aquariums, life support systems, and service to enhance their environment while providing endless hours of enjoyment. We will provide the most reliable, highest quality service available. We will always aim to surpass our clients expectations."

The single most important factor that has allowed us to be successful is YOU, the customer. We strive to deliver a customer-centric service program to our clients. We believe we have created a very good mix of product selection, service offerings, and pricing that is fair to you and for us. Long-term retention of customers by delivering a high quality and consistent service is the key to stability in our organization. Our costs and therefore your rates are kept consistently lower and stable for longer periods of time because experience has given us confidence that you will continue to choose Reef Tectonics for your aquarium service needs.

Competition in the aquarium service industry is unlike that of any other industry I am familiar with. The barriers to entry appear very low in terms of required overhead. With a little entrepreneurial spirit, an aquarium hobbyist believes that they can turn their passion for aquariums into an opportunity to generate supplementary income and perhaps even create a new career path. The unfortunate truth is that individuals who attempt to enter the aquarium service industry in the markets we serve will experience limited success. The expectations by the customer of their service company are many and the legal and governmental requirements faced by real businesses to be in compliance are great. All of that said, competition makes us a better company. Competition forces us to look at our business practices and determine how we can serve our customers more efficiently, providing higher quality service while maintaining our rates.

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Edna Barton, Monthly Client

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