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"We are dedicated in providing our clients with state-of-the art aquariums, life support systems, and service to enhance their environment while providing endless hours of enjoyment. We will provide the most reliable, highest quality service available. We will always aim to surpass our clients expectations."

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The “Ice Age Aquarium”

The “Ice Age Aquarium” is a radical departure from conventional glass aquarium building in more ways than one, and it’s easily one of the most interesting empty tanks that we’ve ever laid eyes on. If we had known Eric Davis before the Ice Age Aquarium was created, we would have LOL’d at the proposal to build a trimless tank with an uneven line, a sandblasted frosted edge and some blue LEDs to light up the trim; this is the type of idea which sounds absolutely hideous when you describe it to someone but this tank is very, very cool to see in person. Normally when you see an aquarium with a unique style or shape it is nearly always made of the much more maleable acrylic but one of the things that makes the Ice Age Aquarium so unique is that it is made out of glass.This 4 foot square, starphire glass aquarium features sealing edges that were ground to 45 degrees for a larger, more even bonding surface. Obviously there is no brace or trim and the 45 degree bonding edge helps to increase the height of the tank without the need of a brace. Of course this tank is not for everyone but in a store, event or corporate display setting, we could see this tank as an eye-popper if it is matched with the proper aquascape, livestock and primary lighting source.

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Aquarium Creations is now the only professional aquarium maintenance company in Utah that uses a laser to get rid of aptasia, majanos and other unwanted aquarium pests.

Call us today to set up an appointment to rid your tank of those annoying pests.

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  • EcoTech Marine
  • EcoTech Marine has set all new industry standards for aquarium equipment. Our technologically superior products produce unmatched performance—and our commitment to elegant design minimizes the equipment’s visual intrusion into your aquarium.
  • Neptune Systems | APEX
  • The most successful aquariums are those where the owner has the most understanding of what is going in their little world-in-a-glass-box.  However, the real key to  enjoying this hobby is to do that without making it a full time job!

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