Aquarium Creations

Aquarium Services

Whether you are looking to setup a new aquarium, revive a struggling one, or just want someone to do the maintenance for you, Aquarium Creations is the answer. We have been in business since 2000 and offer professional service to make your aquarium look the way you want it to.

Some of our services include:

  • Custom Aquarium Design
  • Aquarium Setup
  • Aquarium Purchase Consultation
  • Aquarium Relocation
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Aquarium Leasing
  • Aquarium Maintenance


Aquarium maintenance

We can create a program that fits anyone's service requirements and budget. We can service your aquarium twice weekly, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Because of the sensitivity of a reef environment, we service them weekly. We recommend a weekly or bi-weekly service for fish only systems. We will visit your aquarium with a free consultation before we formally write up a quote. Below is a list (but not limited to) of tasks we perform:

Reef Aquarium:

  • 10% water change using RO/DI for Saltwater or freshwater
  • Fill sump with RO/DI water at desired level
  • Scrub algae off of inner aquarium walls using magnet and hand scrubbers
  • Scrub algae from sand gravel line and below
  • Change filter bags
  • Add supplements
  • Clean Protein Skimmer
  • Clean outside glass (tops included)
  • Tune-up (ensure pumps, lighting, etc. are working properly)
  • Clean sump area
  • Fish and Coral health assessment
  • Water testing (calcium, alkalinity, nitrate, phosphate, PH, ammonia, nitrite, salinity, etc.
  • Deliver livestock/fish food as needed


Saltwater and Freshwater Fish-Only:

  • 10%- 20% water change and vacuum gravel
  • Rotate decorative corals
  • Scrub algae in glass, including gravel line
  • Clean outside glass (tops included)
  • Replace/clean filters, including protein skimmer, Fluval canister, Ocean Clear micron, UV bulbs, halide and fluorescent bulbs, etc.
  • Tune-up (ensure pumps, lighting, etc. are working properly)
  • Clean sump area
  • Fish health assessment
  • Water testing (calcium, alkalinity, nitrate, phosphate, PH, ammonia, nitrite, salinity, etc.
  • Add trace elements, carbon and conditioners
  • Deliver livestock/fish food as needed


For Aquarium Creations clients, we offer a couple of different programs that are included as a benefit of being an Aquarium Creations client.

The Insurance for Fish/Coral Program is designed to help cover expenses on fish/coral. If a fish/coral is purchased at regular retail price from Aquarium Creations, that fish/coral is insured for one month. If at any time within a month the fish/coral dies, you will receive full credit of the cost of the deceased fish/coral which will be used toward the purchase of another fish/coral. This benefit is eligible only for clients with weekly and bi-weekly service programs.

Our Policies

    To best serve our clients, we've created the following policies:
  • Free estimates and consultations on system design, construction and installation, and maintenance
  • 24 hour emergency availability
  • Fish sold are quarantined in medicated water for 3-4 weeks to prevent parasites and bacterial strans introduced into your show aquarium. These fish must eat aggressively before being delivered.
  • One month unconditional livestock guarantee
  • Limited lifetime warranty on aquariums and cabinetry
  • No delivery charge for livestock, pumps, lighting, food, etc.
  • Fully insured and bonded

Tank Relocations


Do you need your aquarium moved across the room or across the county? We are available to assist in the relocation of your aquarium system. Our specialists will disassemble your system at its current location and carefully transport all equipment and livestock. Upon arrival at its new location, your aquarium will be reassembled, refilled and the livestock introduced back into the aquarium. One free maintenance visit is included with each relocation to ensure the health of your aquarium.

Emergency Support


Pump frozen? Water leaking? Chiller not chilly? Emergency telephone support is available 24/7. Too much to handle over the phone? Emergency maintenance is available when necessary.