Aquarium Creations

The Equipment You Need When You Need It!

In this section we will outline some of the terms and equipment used in the aquarium industry; this is to help you understand a very simple or complex eco system. We are here to help guide you through the many choices and help you create the aquarium you have always wanted.

Aquariums and Filtration

Designing the perfect aquarium can be a tricky thing to do when there are hundreds of thousands of products available for you to choose from. We take that guessing out of it by determining what are the best products and using them in our builds. Learn more about Aquariums and Filtration by clicking Learn More! below


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Automated Systems

The most successful aquariums are those where the owner has the most understanding of what is going in their little world-in-a-glass-box. However, the real key to enjoying this hobby is to do that without making it a full time job!


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Water Chemistry / Algae

This subject alone is one of many concerns and methods, covering areas such as chemistry, filtration, biology and just about everything else we do to maintain our aquarium systems. By following the Learn More! link below you will find useful information on the water perameters and more...



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Lighting Solutions

Proper lighting for reef aquariums is another one of those hotly debated topics in the hobby. There are many opinions and really no one correct way or perfect lighting system for your aquarium. However, there are many options and all these options can make the beginner or even advanced reefkeeper confused.


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